Johaness opened its first Spa in 2011 and introduced Fish Spa in Mauritius. Johaness Spa offers its services at Moka and Grand Baie. We offer a vast range of services at our spa including Fish Spa, Foot Reflexology, Head & Shoulder, Facial Care, Body Massage, Nail Bar, Body Care and Waxing.

  • Our Body Care and Body Massage services are presently available in all of our Spa.
  • Our therapists are fully qualified and trained to make sure that you get the best experience.

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(15 mins)          Rs    375 (not available for the time being)

(30 mins)          Rs    575 (not available for the time being)



Elemental Massages 

Reflexology Zone - (45 mins)  Rs 700

Reflexology is based on the principle that every organ and system of the body has a corresponding point in the foot. Pressure is carefully applied on these points to help release energy clogs, boost circulation and promote healing of the body and mind.     


Tranquility Head & Shoulder -  (40 mins) Rs 700          

Embrace tranquillity and pamper yourself with this massage.

This exquisite spa treatment boosts energy levels while specialist pressure point techniques are applied using a warm blend of sesame and eucalyptus to ease insomnia, migraines and sinusitis. 


Deep Release Back Massage - (45 mins) Rs 990 

Profound relaxation is achieved with this treatment incorporating the blend of Bergamot seeking to eradicate physical and emotional stress. Accumulated tension is relieved for instant well-being.


Signature Johaness Spa Ritual - (1hr30mins) Rs 2350 ***** (2 hrs) Rs 2650

Considered as our "Hero" treatment, this Elemental experience delivers triple results by targeting three key areas of the body. The treatment caters for an invigorating full body massage, reflexology and head massage. This exquisite sensory journey combines rejuvenation with relaxation to suit your sensory preferences. 


Sole Delight Foot Massage - (30 mins) Rs   600

Nothing says relaxation like a foot massage.  Sublime serenity follows a  warm aroma-therapeutic pine oil massage to moisturize, nourish and condition your feet. It will also help make your feet feel invigorated, lighter and more flexible. 


Kids relaxing massage - (45mins) Rs 1200

This therapeutic massage promotes the absorption of exquisitely blended oils ensuring a delightful moment of healing and relaxation. The power of the Johaness Spa blended essential oils is twofold; the scents travel through the nostrils inside the body and trigger a sense of comfort and relaxation from within and from then seep into the circulation to loosen muscle pins and relieve suppressed tension.



Abhyanga - (1h15mins) Rs 1950

This timeless healing massage is pioneered as per the ancient Ayurvedic classics; its rhythmic motion all over body and face helps to relieve joints and muscles from stiffness and releases body movement. 


Swedish - (60mins) Rs 1350

This massage is a deep tissue and  is designed to release tensions from the surface layers of the muscles.  The Johaness Spa citrus oil essences blended with zesty lime  fuse beautifully to realign the mind and emotions. 



Cellutox - (60mins) Rs 1500

Designed to target cellulose, our specialized massage techniques prompt a comprehensive, preventive and draining effect which aim to rejuvenate the skin and restore its elasticity. The Cellutox treatment combines state-of-the-art techniques and active ingredients of green tea designed to reduce the appearance development of stretch marks. 


For optimum results, we recommend to book sessions in combination with Marine Energy Body Exfoliation & Body Wrap treatments 



Sport - Stretch me - (1hr15mins) Rs 1500

Sports enthusiasts deserve a spa treatment as resilient as their spirit, which is why the Sport-Stretch me treatment is ideal for deeply held tension or general muscle tightness after heavy exercise. This treatment enhances blood circulation and helps with flushing out  metabolic toxins and improving athletic performance. The earthy and citrus aroma of Lemon grass boosts balance and inhibits soreness. 



4 Hand Sublime - (45mins) Rs 2250

Two of our experiences therapists mirror simultaneous movements. 

Two pairs of hands causes the brain to predict the motions and expect further pressure so as to allow an in-depth feeling of relaxation where the muscles are shaken. The delicious smells of the Ylang Ylang flower induce a sense of indulgence.


Healing Stone - (1hr15mins) Rs 1950

Nothing gets into the core of the muscle like a hot stone. Bathed in the intensely moisturising Almond oil, curated Basalt stones are paced on the key energy points round the body and worked over reaching the depth of the muscles releasing their trapped energy. The result is sparkling vitality with the added benefit of intensely hydrated skin.  



Mother to Be - (50mins) Rs 1350

With diligent and nurturing techniques, this pre-natal treatment uses specifally formulated massage techniques with gentle gliding strokes to stimulate blood circulation, reduce water retention and relieve stress and strain. 

Only offered for those in their 4th semester 


Ancient Shiro Ayurvedic - (1hr15mins) Rs 2200

This ancient traditional rituals use the blend of Sesame & Lotus ingredients for a unique sensory journey during which body and mind rediscover harmony and well-being. Shiro vibration along with mild warmth activates the functions of the thalamus and the basal fore brain, which then brings the amount of serotonin to the normal stage inducing the sleep and relaxation.





Marine Energy Body Exfoliation & Body Wrap - (60mins) Rs 1800

Drift into blissful subconscious levels of calmness with this exquisite cleansing ceremony. Start off with a concentrated sea energy exfoliation massage, followed by a nourishing ocean mud cocoon infused with prime ingredients from the sea. Surrender to an indulgent scalp massage and relish in a coat of self-moisturising locking hydration cream over the body. This calcium and magnesium-rich marine treatment will neutralize all signs of stress and fatigue and will boost the body's mechanism encouraging its healthy detox draining and balancing.


Light Legs - (30mins) Rs 1100

This draining massage ritual uses unique properties of medicinal marvel to boost microcirculation in the legs and helps fight heavy legs. It decongests and provides instant relief to tired legs.  Legs recover their shape, lightweight feel and vitality, immersed in a feeling of long-lasting freshness for the next event in high heels.



Facial Care /  Soins Visage


Extreme Purity - (60mins) Rs 1950 

For combination and oily skin type. Made-to-measure solution for skin flaws to achieve clarity and purity. The dullness is removed leaving the skin's surface cleansed, refreshed and refined. 


Absolute Hydration - (60mins) Rs 1950  

An ideal treatment for extremely dry skin. With total re-hydration the skin regains moisture and softness is restored with a brightened complexion.


Magnificient White - (60mins) Rs 1950 

Powerful ingredients act at the heart of cells to reduce dark spots and brighten the complexion; vitamin C targets pigmentation defaults and boosts collagen production for a firming and anti-ageing action. Skin is firmer, complexion is luminous and dark spots are blurred.


Absolute Lift - (60mins) Rs1950

An all-new, intensive anti-ageing solution to combat wrinkles and sagging skin. Its filling and smoothing action visibly reduces the signs of ageing. Using customized restructuring massage techniques, the facial features are relaxed yet pronounced with the complexion recovering its original radiance from the outset of the treatment. 




Waxing/Epilation à la Cire

Full Legs  / jambes entières      Rs 950

Half legs / mi-jambes                 Rs 650  

Full Arms / Bras-entier               Rs 800

Half Arms / Avant bras               Rs 600  

Underarms / Aisselles                Rs 350  

Bikini / Maillot                             Rs 450

Brazilian  /  Breziliene                 Rs 850

Intégrale                                      Rs 950 

Upperlips  / Lèvres (wax)            Rs 250

Eyebrows  / Sourcils  (wax)         Rs 250

Chin / Menton     (wax)                Rs 250

Wax Visage as from                    Rs 600



Eyebrows  / Sourcils                    Rs 150 

Upperlips / Lèvres                        Rs 150

Chin / Menton                               Rs 150

Thread Visage                              Rs 500




Spa Manicure                           ( 45 mins )   Rs 595

Spa French Manicure               ( 55 mins )   Rs 650  

Spa Pedicure                            ( 55 mins )   Rs 700

Spa French Pedicure                ( 60 mins )   Rs 750

French Nail Varnish for Hands  (15  mins )   Rs 300

French Nail Varnish for Feet     (15  mins )   Rs 350

Nail Varnish for Hands              (15  mins )   Rs 300

Manicure with Gel Polish           (70  mins )  Rs 1200


Pedicure with Gel Polish           (70  mins )   Rs 1350




Gentlemen Facial - (60mins) Rs 1950

Especially designed for men, this high-tech treatment combines performance and relaxation for a result that is absolutely effective on rough and tough skin. The skin is left toned and replenished.


Male Grooming

Back  wax  ( as from / à partir de ) Rs 600

Chest Wax ( as from / à partir de ) Rs 600


Gentleman’s Mani & Pedi CURE 

Manicure                  (50mins)        Rs 595

Pedicure                  (55mins)         Rs 700



Packages / Forfaits

Fish Spa + Foot Reflexology     (45 mins)                       Rs 875

Fish Spa + Head & Shoulder  (55 mins)                          Rs 875

Fish Spa + Manicure   (60 mins)                                      Rs 850

Fish Spa + Pedicure  (70 mins)                                        Rs 925

Foot Reflexology + Manicure + Pedicure  (135 mins)      Rs 1750

Fish Spa+ Manicure + Pedicure  (145 mins)                    Rs 2075

+ Foot Reflexology  

Supplement for packages - French Varnish   ( 20mins)    Rs 250



Gel or Acrylic

Tips               Rs 1700

Overlay         Rs 2200

Gel polish     Rs   250


French tips – Gel or Acrylic       Rs 1550



Tips               Rs 1900

Overlay         Rs 2300

Gel Polish     Rs   900


Gel Polish

Color                 Rs   800

French               Rs 1200 


Nail Art (per nail)        as from    Rs     75

Shimmer/ Glitter (per nail)          Rs     30

Shimmer / Glitter Full set            Rs   250

Stone (each)                               Rs     10

Marble (per nail)                          Rs   120


Refill                                            Rs  900

Nail repair (per nail)                    Rs   250

Removal Gel/Acrylic                   Rs   600

Removal gel Polish                     Rs   400



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Chemin Vingt Pieds (near Mauvilac) GRAND BAIE 

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