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Mauritius is not only a paradise for sea excursions but it is also one of the most beautiful spots where you may explore and discover watersports as undersea walk, parasailing and dooskii tube. Sports have always been considered as being the secret to a healthy lifestyle whichever sport you practise, the outcome is always the same: proper hale, a healthy body and of course the fun and entertainment derived. Similarly, the many watersports proposed by Johaness Entertainment will provide you with the same sensations. This package is designed to help you make the most of the sea activities available on the East coast. You will enjoy the parasailing for a special sea-air activity, love speed? The dooski tube will provide you with some real fun at sea and you will surely appreciate the beauty of our under


Undersea Walk

Life moves so fast, this wonderful experience will allow you to stop time, forget everything and only look around enjoying the moment and the magnificent view of wonderful aquamarine species in their natural habitat. Catching adjacent glimpses of multihued tiny fishes, radiant corals and the unique sensation of being in absolute salty water, feeding fishes and walking around with no constraints accentuate the merriment within undersea walking. Take a walk into the coral reef garden, feel the sensation of an underwater walking tour inside the reef. Feed the multiple fish shoals, discover the large variety of fish and appreciate the rich flora and fauna of the Mauritian lagoon through its crystal clear blue water. 



Viewing the exquisite marine panorama from above the sea and enjoying the eye catching blue sights in mid air, through para sailing. Encounter this thrilling experience along the Mauritian coast. A bird’s eye view of the beautiful lagoon, magnificent beaches and blue sky will create lifelong memories.  The feeling of flying is peaceful and exhilarating all at the same time. Take off and land on our boat to see everything from a whole new angle floating in the sky above the lagoon. It is ideal for those who like adventure and beautiful sceneries or always wished to fly.


Dooskii tube

Seeking for some fast fun on the water? Try one of our tube rides! If you’re a speed lover or adrenaline addict, don’t miss this opportunity to have some serious fun at high speed right on a tube pulled through speedboat. Thrilling rides over huge banana shaped gears, surfing through the rough waves and feeling the vibe. 

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TEL: +230 5 705 4944 



 10, Villa Road, Moka

TEL: +230 434 3080 | +230 5 704 6893



Chemin Vingt Pieds (near Mauvilac) GRAND BAIE 

TEL: +230 268 1217 | +230 5 820 9841



10, Villa Road, Moka

TEL: +230 434 3080 | +230 5 704 68 93


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